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Large size Pochette:TaroStyle Black Label 0240005-c



Large size Pochette


Silk fabric / Brocade


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  • It is a work produced by reusing the "Uchikake" actually worn at the Shinto wedding ceremony held at several famous shrine. "Uchikake" is a work by a well-established Izutsuya-Shoei Co., Ltd. in Kyoto, and the company also has been offering kimono to Meiji Shrine for many years: the taro is reborn by the idea of Mr. Taro Yamashita the 7th, current president of the company.

    It is a great event of life and takes over the wear that was worn in the wedding ceremony which can be said to be the culmination of the happiness of individuals "leaving the division of happiness of the bride being married" picked up, happy teddy bear, lucky pig and it transforms also into accessories such as bags and wallets.
    The best quality at all is known at the moment when you took it in your hands.
    Please introduce kimono accessories such as teddy bear of the highest level of reborn, which uses the highest peak kimono of pure Japan, to the world's celebrities.