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Body soap for men with rose oil Regina Floris Biofresh


Softening body soap for men with rose oil.

Contains 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil.

Has powerful antiseptic properties.

Cleans, nourishes and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Possesses an aromathereutic properties.



Biofresh's body soap for men Regina Floris is enriched with natural Bulgarian rose oil, coconut oil, palm oil and rose water. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth, makes it soft with healthy and fresh look.

The dried rose petals gently exfoliate the skin and regenerate the cells. Natural oils have moisturizing, toning and anti-inflammatory properties, regulates a sebum production and tighten pores and makes natural soap Regina Roses for Men Biofresh equally suited for both dry and oily skin.

A combination of oils saturates the skin with many nutrients maintaining moisture and smoothing both face and body skin.